As a long time computer tech, this really gets my blood boiling. I (James) have worked for Best Buy, Staples, and worked with (another remote “clean up” company), and I consider all to be way over-priced, and not as effective as someone who was not corporately trained. After Googling these guys for five minutes, my blood went from boiling to seething!  Over 400 Negative complaints to the Better Business Bureau in the last 36 months. Let me make that clearer for you… FOUR HUNDRED COMPLAINTS IN A YEAR AND A HALF!

It still boggles my mind how many people have been duped by this. It boggles my mind, even farther, that they are still in business! Their “free” scan will always yield negative results (even on a freshly formatted PC), and their packages (for a standard virus removal) rise upwards of a few hundred dollars!

After looking into the company a bit further, you will see that the company is owned by CyberDefender, another WELL KNOWN malware agency.

Bottom line is this: if it sounds too good to be true, most times, it is. Do yourself a favor, and all of your friends, and stay away from this company, this product, this “disservice”. This SCAM will only hurt you and your wallet. If you feel you have been infected, or your computer is running slow; bring it into Crashmasters. We are BBB accredited, most repairs are $20-$60, and we have very fast service!  Best part? You can put a face to the person who worked on your computer, and call us seven days a week.

If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is!

Don’t waste your money on these programs that give you a “Free diagnosis”. They will lie about the results and make it look a lot worse than it is. They will NOT fix your computer properly and will most likely do more damage than good. Why else would a company create so many different business names all relating to the same product? Why are they trying to hide the fact that they are a KNOWN MALWARE COMPANY? Do some research on Google, with millions of articles, rip-off reports and angry people all over the world.. why would you trust them?  🙂


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